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Penname: maria noel [Contact]
Real name: maria noel
Membership status: Member
Member since: September 10, 2008

i´m a bit boring hehe so not too much to say. I love to write, i love Supernatural and i´m a hurt!Dean junkie!!!!!!

I live in the end of the world near the pinguins, in a country that most people just remember because Homer Simpson made a joke about its name...Uruguay

I´m a newby medical doctor and i´m doing 2 phds at the same time: Psicopedagogy and children psychiatry ...i sooo love kids, they are great...but mostly i want to give kids a great future by helping them in the present with their issues.

Dean rocks!!!!!!!!!

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Stories by maria noel

Less than 200 words drabble that i made for a fanfiction challenge at It won 3º place!!

A hunt gone wrong and the boys are in their way to the hospital.

Categories: Short Characters: Dean
Genres: Humor
Warnings: None
Series: None Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 189 Read Count: 2685
[Report This] Published: November 01, 2008 Updated: November 01, 2008


AU. Take place after Devil´s trap but it´s completely different to actual season 2.

After the car crash the Winchesters are healing at the hospital when suddenly one of them disappeared and then all gone downroads.


Categories: AU Characters: Dean
Genres: Angst
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Series: None Chapters: 15 Completed: Yes
Word count: 35739 Read Count: 28829
[Report This] Published: November 01, 2008 Updated: November 08, 2008