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Penname: LittleFairy [Contact]
Real name: Laura
Membership status: Administrator
Member since: September 07, 2008
Beta-reader: No

So, what's there to tell about me?

I'm Laura, 28 years old and from Germany.


Here at, I'm a member of the DamageControl. So if there's a problem or a question you have, just go ahead and sent me a message through the "Contact Us" link and I'll try to help out. I'm in Germany, so if you're somewhere in Europe, chances are good I'm online at the same time as you are.

I'm not always easy to reach during the weekend, but during the week I'm pretty much always around

I'm still relatively new to the fandom. Supernatural never caught my interest when it started airing here in Germany. Then a few months back, Isis_girl started bugging me to watch it. She kept using avatars of that strange guy with the name I could never remember on MSN, and when my first judgement of him was "he's slightly cross-eyed, isn't he?" I learned the hard way that yes, it is possible to get yelled at over an instant messenger.

In penance for that faux-pas, I watched the Pilot of Supernatural online. And then Wendigo. And then Dead in the Water. By the time I started watchig Phantom Traveler, I had ordered the season 1 and 2 box-sets on amazon. I watched everything that had been aired until the writer's strike stopped production in a little over a week.

And that's how it started.

By now I'm heavily addicted. I'm also able to remember Jensen Ackles' name by now, and have come to think of his slight cross-eyedness as an adorable trait (because honestly, everything about that guy is adorable).

I'm a big sucker for the brotherly relationship on the show, though I appreciate the humour and the action just as well. I'm a Dean girl through and through, but since I seem to put him out of commission pretty quickly in my stories, most of them have turned out very Sam-centric so far.

DeanDamage will be the place where I always post my Dean-whump stories first, just like is the site that gets all my Psych stories first. I always upload everything on as well, but often it takes me a while.

Nevertheless, there's some Supernatural stories in my account there that don't fit the DeanDamage guidelines concerning the Dean-whump, so be sure to check them out by following the link above.

Else I dabble in making graphics at times. I'm not the world's most artsy person, especially in the face of what some others on this site here are capable of, but I enjoy making the occasional banner or wallpaper.

I'm around on MSN for most of the day, so if you're in the mood for chatting, about Supernatural, Psych, life, the universe and everything, just chat me up at any time.

Phew, that's really all there is to say. I've ranted on for long enough, so now I leave you be to enjoy all the great stories here on DeanDamage!

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Stories by LittleFairy

There are some conversations that can never be held again, some questions that remain forever unanswered. Unless the veil is lifted a little, allowing for that elusive glimpse behind.

Fighting for his life, Dean finally gets answers to questions he didn't even know he had. But having those answers doesn't mean he knows how to deal with them.

Categories: Season Characters: Dean, John, Sam
Genres: Family, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None
Series: None Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
Word count: 13784 Read Count: 7202
[Report This] Published: December 03, 2008 Updated: December 03, 2008

Summary: Past Featured Story

Sam gets a glimpse at what it's like to hold the responsibility for his brother's life. Just for a few moments, life-long roles are reversed. Sam wished it never happened.

Missing scene for season 1 "Devil's Trap".

Categories: Season, Short Characters: Dean, John, Metallicar, Sam
Genres: Angst, Drama, Tag/Missing Scene
Warnings: None
Series: None Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 2832 Read Count: 3529
[Report This] Published: October 19, 2008 Updated: October 19, 2008


Tag to "Shadow".

With the ordeal the boys have just been through, physical wounds might be the least of their problems. Or so Sam thinks. If only he knew the whole story.

Spoilers for "Shadow", obviously.

Categories: Season Characters: Dean, Sam
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Tag/Missing Scene
Warnings: None
Series: None Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
Word count: 19620 Read Count: 12049
[Report This] Published: September 10, 2008 Updated: September 15, 2008


Digging up graves is something every hunter deals with on a regular basis. Ending up buried in one - not so much.

Especially since Dean doesn't exactly fit the main prerequisite for burial - he isn't dead. At least not yet. But if Sam doesn't find him, that fact might change sooner than Dean would like.

Categories: Season Characters: Dean, Sam
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None
Challenges: Buried
Series: None Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
Word count: 21615 Read Count: 16017
[Report This] Published: October 23, 2008 Updated: November 04, 2008


It took a split second, the longest split second in Dean's life to understand. And once he did, he wanted to scream even louder than Sam had just seconds before.

It was a realization that pulled the floor out from under Dean's feet.

Sam thought he was dead.


Categories: Season Characters: Bobby, Dean, Ruby, Sam
Genres: Angst, Family, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None
Series: None Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 51454 Read Count: 22032
[Report This] Published: February 10, 2009 Updated: May 17, 2009


We all know the movies in which the hero defeats even the strongest villains, narrowly escapes all kinds of danger, protects countless lives, gets the girl and single-handedly saves the world.

Real life is no movie.

In real life, the villains are often stronger than the heroes. In real life, sometimes you can't escape the danger but can only try to reduce the damage. In real life, you cannot save everybody, and real life isn't always about getting the girl.

It doesn't even matter whether or not you want to be a hero in the first place. When the time comes you have no choice but to carry the weight that's put on your shoulders. You single-handedly take it up to save the world.

Even if you're not entirely sure that those you love are fighting on the same side as you are.

Even if saving the world means going up against your own brother.

Categories: Season, AU Characters: Bobby, Dean, Sam
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Suspense
Warnings: None
Series: None Chapters: 10 Completed: No
Word count: 40930 Read Count: 15197
[Report This] Published: September 19, 2008 Updated: January 27, 2009