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And Then They Died by eightiswild

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“Ok so here is how it happened,” The older hunter began.

“No Dean let me tell it!” Sam interjected.

“Shut up Sam driver tells the stories, shot gun shuts his cake hole!”

“Your face is a cakehole,” a new voice added to the mix.

“Get out of here Ruby, it's MY story. This site is called DEAN damage, not pissy eyed demon Damage.”          

“Your eyes are pissy,” the demon retorted, slender arms crossed over her chest.

“LEAVE! Ok where was I...oh yeah. So this one time, Sam and I were headed down to tampa…”

“This isn't that one waitress story again is it?” the younger questioned.

            “No…not even,” Dean replied with a barely repressed shudder.

“ have standards now shortbus?” the female voice cut in yet again.

“RUBY! LEAVE!” the oldest Winchester boy took a deep steadying breath, before plunging ahead. “So tampa...”

“Are you gonna finish this, any time in the next...idk millennia Deuce?” cut in the new comer.


“Whatever, scoot over runt...he might eventually get to the good part,” Caleb replied, perching himself beside Sam.

“Don't hold your breath,” the youngest Winchester commented, cynicism dripping from his words.

“Both of you, let me tell the fudging story!”

“Oh do please go on.”

“Bela crap! What are you doing here?” Dean fumed.

“I'm stealing the story,” the vixen answered.

“You're what?”

“I'm stealing the story and you can't stop me.”

“But I'm not done telling it yet!”

“Oh, you'll get over it. Ciao,” her British accent dipped as she left with a flourish.


“ is this the end?” Sam ventured bravely.

“Yeah I guess,” came the defeated reply.

“What do we do now?”

“End the story you idgits.”

“ to Bobby? Gooosh no one respects the story code violations anymore do they?”

“Story code violations?” Sam quipped.

“Shut up geekboy.”


“And then they died,” a deep baritone voice broke into their conversation.

“Azazel? What the heck are YOU doing here?” the oldest living Winchester smoldered.

“I'm ending the story…someone had to,” replied the demon smoothly.

“We didn't die, we're standing right here,” Sam observed, ever the logical one.

“They don't know that,” Azazel informed him.

“Fine, at least take us out well. Like dramatically or something,” Dean stipulated.

“Fine. And then they died...tripping over each other straight off a cliff.”

The End

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