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Disclaimer: No copy right infringement intended. I do not own supernatural or any of the characters.

Dean is 17 and Sam is 13


“The path you often take to avoid something will often lead you to it.” Kung Fu Panda

Sam was mad, no, he was beyond mad. He was supposed to be on a date, an actual date. It might not have been a big deal to Dean with his ‘one a day hotties’, but that didn’t mean that it was completely unimportant to Sam. He had been so excited that the bubbly blonde across the room had wanted to go out with him, but of course it was ruined. Dad, if he could be called that, had found a hunt. Of coursed Sam just had to come and miss his date. He hadn’t been paying attention, he could admit that, until he heard the ear crackling roar behind him.

“Sammy!” The Werewolf snarled in agony as Dean sliced the blade through the meat of its forearm. He slashed out moving its eyes off of the youngest Winchester and seeing new prey. Dean reeled back as the giant paw uncurled towards him. The claws swiped across his thigh and he fell back with a grunt of torture. Sam lay in shock, sprawled on the forest floor looking up as his big brother got torn open because of him.

“Dean!” John cried watching his eldest go down bloody. Before the werewolf could crank open his jaw again John fired his gun. The silver squirmed through the werewolf’s heart and with gun still smoking John raced to his fallen son. “Sam! Help me with your brother.”

Sam snapped out of his daze and rose to his feet, nervously brushing dirt from his jeans before moving alongside his brother. Dean groaned as Sam and John helped to raise him back to his boots.

 “Wait Sam Wait!” John yelped lowering Dean back to the turned up dirt, “He’s bleeding too much I think the bastard nicked an artery. Keep pressure on it, I’m calling 911.”

Sam nodded before pressing his shaky hands on to Dean’s rapidly bleeding thigh. Dean clenched his jaw letting out a pitiful whimper and trying to raise his head and shoulders. “Stay down Dean, don’t try to sit up. I’m so sorry bro, god I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay Sammy.” Dean grunted as his head slowly curled back to the ground. His green eyes dulled and began to hide behind heavy lids. His skin was pale and clammy, small beads of sweat beginning to accumulate on his brow, “It’s kay.”

“No Dean, come on, stay awake. Don’t close your eyes, Dad!” Sam called terror lacing over his words as he raised his head up.

“Look for a black impala we are just off the road,” John growled into the phone before looking savagely over his shoulder at his boys. His face softened as he took in his crumpled oldest, “Hurry!”

John snapped his cellphone closed and shoved it into his jeans pocket. He kneeled beside his sons and carefully jostled Dean’s shoulder. His eyelids fluttered but refused to open, his lip parted as if trying to say something but nothing came out. Sweat was now gleaming all across his paled skin and a murmur of pain passed his full lips as Sam adjusted his grip.

“What happened Sam?” John growled looking up through a heavy brow and glaring at his youngest. His tense muscles almost crippled at the look in his little boy’s face. He looked so guilty and sorrowful, but one glance down to his Dean’s sweaty and pale face shot rage back through his veins. Sam began to part his trembling lips but closed them again and furrowed his brow never taking his watch off his big brother. “Samuel?”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to I just…I wasn’t… I didn’t…” Sam trailed off trying hold back the flood of tears threatening to fall across the landscape of his face. Every contour was screwed up in pain as he looked to his blood soaked hands and whimpering brother.

“Sam! What happened?” John grounded out in a deathly calm tone, his dark eyes firmly planted on the teenager’s face.

“I…he…and…” Sam sniffled as salt water traipsed over his cheekbones and dripped to his t shirt. Sucked in a shaky mouthful of oxygen and pressed his lips together before looking up to his father and reopening his mouth, “I wasn’t paying attention and…and Dean was. He pushed me out…out of the way.”

“And why exactly were you not paying attention.” John spat huffing out a heated breathe and grinding his teeth together with a glare to forest floor. He couldn’t help the jeaned leg sprawled there, crimson pumped over the rugged material. His eyes flickered to his eldest face, even with the lines of pain he still looked to young and vulnerable for this to be happening. He clenched his eyes shut and turned away rage welling back up inside his body.

“I… I was mad.”

“You were mad? You were mad!? Your brother is lying here dying and the reason is because you were mad!?” John screamed raising his torso up from his slumped position and towering his two crumpled boys.

“Don’t say that! Don’t say he’s dying! You don’t think I know that it’s stupid! That this shouldn’t of happened! I know but don’t you dare say that he’s dying and that it was for nothing!” Sam yelled back with more force than he thought he could muster.

“St…stop…fi…fighting.” A weak and broken voice begged from the floor. Dean’s eyes remained sealed but his face stayed scrunched and pained as his lips let the world slip out.

“We will finish this later.” John said lowly as the sound of sirens punctuated his statement. Paramedics flooded around them pulling Sam and John away to lift Dean upon a stretcher. Dean growled out a grunt of agony as his torn leg was jolted. “It’s okay Dean, you are going to be okay. That is an order Dean, do you hear me?”

“Sir will you two be riding in the ambulance?” A young man in uniform questioned John.

“No, we will follow behind.” John stated as calmly as he could before dragging a hand down his face, “Come on Samuel.”

Sam stared down to his blood drenched hands, his brother’s blood. He didn’t reply but followed obediently only sparing a look over his shoulder to see his big brother being loaded into the ambulance. This was his fault, if he had just been paying attention...or if you really think about it was his Dad’s fault. If he would have just let him out of this one hunt or god forbid he waits one night. Sam clambered into the car and sat with his hands open palmed in his lap. “Dad…”

“Not now, I just want to go to your brother.” John snapped a sense of finality in his voice that made Sam keep his voice to himself.


The hospital was relatively busy when John Winchester jogged in his youngest in tow. He didn’t know whether to happy or worried by the fact that Dean was rushed straight back into an operating room. He stepped up to the nursing station where a middle aged woman stood with an armful of folders. Her dark hair was dulled by stress and lines of worry traced her gray eyes. “My son was just rushed back do you know…”

“I’m sorry I don’t but the doctor will be out to tell you something as soon as he is done. You can take a seat in the waiting room.” She replied franticly sparing a sympathetic look to the disheveled father and terrorized boy at his side. She gave a terse lipped smile and turned back to a clump of file cabinets.

“Thanks.” John sighed before shuffling to blue plastic chair and falling into it. His adrenaline left him and he slumped forward into his worn out hands letting his face fall and rubbing a hand over his scalp. He let his dulled look slide over to Sam. Sam was leaned back in the chair still staring almost through his blood drenched hands. Half his face was hidden behind shaggy brown hair but his hazel eyes could be seen in a crack through the curtain of bangs. They looked torn and defeated but something else was there too, almost like…anger. “Why don’t you go wash your hands in the bathroom?”

Sam looked up a little shocked from his thoughts and from the concern buried in his father’s voice. Sam nodded sullenly and raised up from the hard seat before walking heavily to the bathroom across the waiting room. John stood up and moved over to the coffee table and picked up a small Styrofoam cup filling it with the bitter black liquid before taking a gulp and letting the caffeine and warmth work though his body. Sam emerged from the restroom with cleaned hand and a damp face he sulked over to his original position and slinked into the chair.


“Not now, let’s just find out what’s happening and get Dean out of here. I’m…I’m just too tired.” John grumbled refilling the small cup with the caffeinated liquid before moving to sit beside his son. Sam looked back to hands and turned them over as if looking for evidence of what had happened before shoving them in his pockets and closing his teary eyes.

“Is Dean going to be okay?” Sam questioned pitifully after a few moments of silence. He looked up through his bangs pleadingly and bit his bottom lip in anticipation.

“I sure hope so Sam.” John replied coolly trying not to choke on the emotion trying to spill out of him. Sam nodded in defeat and stared down at the ground for a moment before closing his eyes again. John wanted to give his son more comfort. To tell him everything would be fine, that it wasn’t his fault, but he couldn’t bring his mouth to move the words into the air.

“Mr. Winston?” An older man questioned from the front of the waiting room. His glasses remained perched on his this nose and he clutched a clipboard in his heroic hands. John stood and walked across the room to the man, not even glancing back to see if Sam was following.

“That’s me.” John answered; the man looked down to the teenager who had moved up beside John, “This is my other son. How is Dean?”

The doctor nodded before glancing to the plastic board, “Your son is going to be okay. We don’t expect any permanent damage but he will need to stay off the leg as to not tear the stitches. He did lose a lot of blood so I recommend that he stay here for at least the night.”

“Is he awake? Can we see him?” Sam piped eagerly a small smile twitching at his hopeful features. The older man smiled but shook his head softly before continuing.

“He resting at the moment but you may go in if you like.” The doctor replied kindly sliding the clipboard under his arm and giving a passionate smile, “I must ask exactly what happened though, its hospital policy with minors.”

“Of course, I understand. Umm…We were out in the woods, just hiking and looking around, you know how boys are. A bear showed up and took a swipe at Sam but Dean…he pushed him out of the way.” John lied easily only having to change a detail or two in the process. Sam clenched beside him letting his gaze fall to his muddy shows in shame.

“Well you have a very brave son.” The doctor complimented looking to the younger boy in sympathy, “Do you have any other questions?”

“Can we stay here?” John rushed out resisting the urge to place a hand on Sam’s shoulder.

“Of course, but your son needs his rest so I must ask that you stay quite.” The doctor explained, “He is in room 412.”

John nodded his thanks before placing a hand on Sam’s shoulder blade and pressing him forward towards the room. Sam took an audible breath as he set is gaze on his older brother. He looked so vulnerable and young lying there on the bleached hospital sheets. Dean wasn’t supposed to look that fragile, especially not because of him. No, no it was his dad’s fault, wasn’t it? Sam just didn’t know what to believe anymore.

“Hey Dad?” Sam began quietly not moving his look from Dean, even unconscious he gave him confidence.

“Not here Samuel, you heard the doctor Dean is resting. We can discuss this tomorrow when Dean is home.”

“You mean the motel.” Sam muttered quietly.

“What was that? You know what never mind, just another thing we will need to discuss.” 


“Just get some sleep, you’ll need it.”

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