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Below the Belt by DizzoJ

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Story notes:
Not set against any specific episode so no spoilers.

Sam squatted beside the prone, twitching body of his brother; his hand on Dean's back, trying to offer a little comfort through the fog of pain. That Lady in White had been a slippery bitch; Sam bristled with fury at the thought of what she had done before making her escape.

"You doin' okay there, bro?" he asked softly. Dean uncurled slightly and looked up, wet, green eyes, bulging almost comically out of a sweat-beaded face, "y'm'good", he croaked between gasping breaths.

They hunted evil all the time, regularly facing the worst kind of creatures without flinching; they had seen pure wickedness, the foulest kind of skulking monsters, dripping with malevolence, devoid of any goodness, existing only to create misery and suffering.

But this … to knee a man in the jewels?

They would find her - the bitch was toast.

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