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Safety in your Embrace by sexytexanjra

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Chapter notes:

This little drabble was quickly written for sinnerforhire’s birthday prompt request over on LJ - Sam & Dean gen, post-Apocalypse, sick!Dean, fever, platonic cuddling.  Thought you guys might enjoy it too.

Disclaimer: None of the following belongs to me, I am just playing in Kripke and WB/CW's sandbox for fun not profit. 



Dean shivered as he huddled further into his thread bare blankets as he watched the wanning grey light fade in the distorted view of the cracked and broken pane.

Cold came suddenly like a thick blanketing cloak of darkness now that the world was broken and raw. No amount of blankets or wood fuelled fires would hold it at bay. The insistent rolling fevers that seemed to be his constant companion didn't help matters; sending body rattling shudders through him one minute, only to have him smothered and baking in his blankets the next.

What he wouldn't give for a nice warm, soft body to wrap around and share a little warmth and human comfort with once in a while. The last people they had come across had been long gone to the ravages of cold and preying diseases before they stumbled upon their rigid and petrified corpses.

He barked out a chest deep and tearing cough as he shifted in the covers trying to find that elusive comfortable position on the weathered and lumpy bedroll. He braced himself for the pitying stare as he heard the heavy sigh from across the room.

"Here, let me..." 

Sam's painful gravel laden rasp still startled him whenever he heard it, even though it was three years since the hours of endless screaming that had manufactured it.

He stilled except for the minute shivers running through his fever chilled frame as he felt the long limbs of his brother wrap around his trembling limbs.

The blessed, elusive warmth that seeped through his body had him burrowing further into his brother's embracing warmth as his aching and shivering muscles finally started to relax into sleep in what felt like the first time in days.

"Sleep, I've got you."

For the first time since he had pulled his brother out of his pit of despair the scraping rasp didn't have him jumping in shock, but was more like a warm balmy breeze on a bright sunny day, lulling him in a cosy cocoon of protection and safety amongst a world of ravage and ruin.



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