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Story notes:

Challenge: First Injury

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Hunting is a dangerous gig. You’re bound to get injured. At the age of 12 Dean has learnt this the hard way. Covered in his own blood he laid in his father’s arms fading in and out of consciousness. He could feel his body go numb, his arms and legs flailing as his father ran into the hospital ER with 8 year old Sam in toe. 


When asked how he was injured John had no other option but to lie through his teeth.

“Bear attack. We were camping. Jus- please save him! Please” he begged. Dean was taken through to the OR, the doctor knowing from experience that they needed to work quickly if they were going to save this young boy’s life.

Sam looked up into his father’s hazy eyes and asked

“Dean’s going to be alright, isn’t he Dad?”

John couldn’t answer; fighting back tears he turned away from his confused son and sat by the window. The rain began to pelt down coating the patient Impala parked outside; all they could do was wait. But it was the waiting that would kill him.


                                                 *          *          *          *          *


John usually went hunting by himself but seeing as Dean’s birthday was next week he figured he’d take the boys hunting as a birthday present. Sam was told to stay in the car while John took Dean with him deep into the forest. Both armed with guns the father and son duo found the creature’s lair. It was here they would kill the beast. What they hadn’t counted on was Sam, tired of being told to ‘wait in the car’ to come along as well.


Dean was almost 13, hunting with his father was like Christmas and his birthday all rolled into one. He was so excited to see his father in action at first hand. He led with his gun, just like dad had taught him to.

Always lead with your gun. A gun is a hunter’s best friend.

The moon was glowing high in the sky; the only natural light in the secluded valley. John had tracked the creature here and he and Dean were going to finish the job. They hid behind a tree and John began to sneak in. Dean, wanting to prove to Dad he was a good hunter followed John. They seemed to have the element of surprise.


“Dad!” Sam called out. He was standing on top of the hill looking down at a naked John and Dean. That gave them away. The werewolf caught site of the band of hunters and headed straight for Dean. The sound of claws upon flesh made John’s stomach turn. 


The werewolf tore at Dean’s insides and died with a single shot by John who raced over to be by his son’s side as he lay there gargling, gasping for air.

John scooped him up, Dean’s only words were

“Help me” he breathed.


Dean opened his eyes and thought he saw his mother smiling at him; almost sure it was really her, but he slipped back into unconsciousness.


When Dean awoke he found himself in a lush field. He checked himself over, not a scratch. His mother Mary walked to him wearing the same white nightgown she’d worn the night she’d died. Dean could still picture her in it, even eight years on, she looked beautiful.


Mary smiled at her eldest son who had no words to describe how happy he was to see his mother. He ran into her arms and hugged her, taking her in completely: her smell, her touch, he wanted it to last forever. Even in purgatory Dean was still a kid, brown dirt smudged over his candid face.


Mary wiped the dirt from her son’s face.

“Am I dead?” Dean asked.

“No love. You’re just sleeping. Now run along, your dad and Sammy must be worried sick”, she said soothingly.

“Are you coming too?”

“No. No, I must stay. My place is here now; but your family needs you. Goodbye, my angel”, and she kissed Dean gently on the forehead.


Dean woke up in recovery, John and Sam by his side. Sam jumped up and hugged Dean tightly, glad he was okay. John just stared at his son lying in the hospital bed and suddenly burst into tears.

“I thought I’d lost you”, he whispered as he placed his hand over Dean’s. Dean smiled and said

“It’s okay Dad, I’m okay. Don’t blame yourself”.

 The doctor came in told them he was very lucky to be alive and must have a guardian angel looking out for him. Dean just smiled; never had he revealed what his mother had said to him, not till now.

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