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Fight To The Death by Smudge93

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Story notes:
Sam, John and Dean hunt down and kill a witch but not before she tells Sam that his brother is going to die and it will be his fault.

Can he stop arguing with John long enough for them to figure out what is going on and save Dean?

And then what will happen after?

Chapter notes:
Well all the boys are in this one and Dean is in trouble again right from the get go. I promise I do like him, really....but I love hurting him. (and fixing him too!)




Hunters, she hated hunters, those men who thought that they had some divine right to hunt her kind down and kill them. She hadn’t really being doing any harm, just getting rid of the bad element from her town, cleansing it if you will, but still she should have know that they’d come.

That they’d hunt her down. 

She had been watching them for weeks surprised at just how fast they had managed to make her out for what she really was and even more at how quickly they had found her.  

They were a family; she knew having done a little research of her own, two brothers and the father. She loved families, they were so easy to take apart, and this one was just waiting to be ripped apart at the seams, in fact she had already started. Her hex was in place and they were going down, no matter what they did to her.

She had settled on the elder brother, he was the strongest, which strangely she had found, made him their weak link. It was him that she would use to destroy them, bring all three hunters to their knees.  

The youngest was standing in front of her now, gun raised but yet hesitant to take the shot, to kill what was essentially still a human. She knew now that she had underestimated him but then, he had underestimated her. He would pay for his diligence in the hunt, or more exactly his brother would pay for him.  She rounded on Sam Winchester as a trapped and wounded animal would round on its captor. “Kill me and you won’t be able to save your brother. He’ll die, writhing in pain, and it will be your fault.” The witch laughed in his face, her eyes filled with glee, cautiously closing the gap.

Sam hesitated; the gun wavered slightly in his hand. That was all that she needed, she brought her knee up and the connection with his body made him groan, drop the gun and fall to his knees.  

“Fool!” She stepped forward and grabbed him by the throat. 

“Hey!” She turned; arm stretched maintaining her hold on Sam. John Winchester was behind her gun raised. “Get away from my boy bitch.”

She dropped Sam as the bullet slammed into her chest and she staggered back, falling to the floor, the scarlet blood from her chest pooling on the floor and then slowly starting to snake its way towards Sam. He sat up and tried to get away from the advancing river that signalled her dying. He watched as her head turned and she looked over at him, smiling. His worry at her words finally got him moving, he crawled towards her, avoiding the blood and grabbed her head in his hands. “What did you mean?”  

John watched the scene, wondering what his son and the witch had to talk about, not really worried that she could hurt him, she was dying, should actually already be dead. 

“You can’t save him now, no one can, all you can do is watch him die, watch as you kill him.”

A small trickle of blood ran from her mouth and Sam listened as death rattled through her chest.  “What does that mean, tell me what that means?!” Sam shook her but he knew it was too late. She was gone, her lifeless eyes staring at him. He let her fall back to the floor and rounded on his father, anger blazing in his eyes, his father looking at him with puzzlement in his own. “What the hell did you just do?” 

“I killed a witch, a witch I might add that you let get the jump on you. I’ve told you before Sam, you don’t chat with these things, you kill them. End of story.” John saw the look in his son’s eyes. “What lies did she fill that head of yours with?” 

“Where’s Dean?” 


“You know. My brother. Your other son. Where the hell is Dean?!” Sam screamed the last part at him. 

“Outside doing what he’s supposed to be doing.” 

Sam pushed past and almost fell as he ran into his brother coming in. Dean had heard the shot and then the raised voices, the voices causing concern to fill him when neither Sam nor John had appeared out the warehouse. Winchester war sounded as if it had broken out and he sighed as he approached the door.

He had caught Sam just before he went down.  “Whoa there, you alright?”

Sam was staring at him, checking him over.

“Earth to Sammy? What’s up?” 

“You ok? And it’s Sam.” Sam pushed Dean back the arms length and finished his exam of him. 

Dean struggled out of Sam’s grip, rubbing his arm where Sam was almost stopped the circulation and stared at his brother, concern in his eyes and voice as he spoke. “Eh, Sam I was outside where the witch wasn’t.” Dean caught the look in his brother’s eye. “What is it? Did she do something to you?” 

John interrupted them. “You brother can’t learn that you don’t talk to these things when you hunting them, that’s what it is.”

Dean could hear the barely contained anger in his father’s voice. 

“She was telling me something and you shot her before she finished. It was important…..” 

John cut him off. “Well I’m sorry but from where I was it just looked as if she was kneeing you in the…..” 

It was Dean’s turn to interrupt. “Dude, did you let her get the jump on you?” He laughed. “Bet you crumpled like a pack of cards.” 

Sam scowled at him. “Like you would have managed better.” 

“Your brother wouldn’t have let her get close enough to do that to him.” John’s voice was stern. “Just what the hell were you thinking Sam, really I’d like to know?”

“I didn’t let her, she just appeared.”

”What like in a cloud of smoke?” John’s voice was dripping with sarcasm and anger. “She damn well walked towards you Sam, I was there, I watched it. You let her walk right up to your damn face; never even attempted to raise your gun.” John was in Sam’s face now. “I thought I’d taught you better than that. If I hadn’t got close enough to shoot her god knows what she’d have done.” 

Sam felt his own temper rising to match his fathers and was about to answer back when a groan from Dean interrupted him. He turned and watched as his brother brought his hand to his head, swaying forward. Sam put out a hand and caught him, his anger at his dad quickly turning to concern for his brother. 

“Son, what is it?” John’s anger also morphed into concern for his eldest.

Dean’s face was grey. “I’m good; I’m ok, just felt a little dizzy for a little moment there.” He smiled at the two concerned frowns. “I’m fine. Honestly. Probably hungry. Let’s go eat. Sam you can drive.”

He threw his brother the keys.

 And there it was, Dean’s silent admission that whatever that had been, it was more than he was going to tell them, his willingness to let Sam drive his only tell.  

“I’ll clear up here. You boys go ahead.” John put his hand on Dean’s shoulder the question only in his eyes. 

“I’m good, dad. Promise. You sure you don’t need a hand?”  

John nodded. “Sam go make sure that your brother eats, I’ll meet you two boys back at the motel.” He took one last look at them, and then walked back into the warehouse. 

Sam gave a sigh. “You sure you’re ok?” 

Dean didn’t look up as he climbed into the car. “Yeah, peachy. Can we just go please? This place is starting to give me the creeps.” 

Sam watched his brother’s mood seemed to lighten the further away from the warehouse they got and by the time they reached the diner he was back to normal and driving Sam crazy bitching about his driving. Sam smiled and relaxed a little thinking that perhaps he had read too much into the incident at the warehouse, the witch’s words spooking him more than he’d ought to have let them.

Then again, his brother could be faking feeling better. He threw a few glances Dean’s way as he drove. “You sure you’re ok?” 

Dean rolled his eyes. “Yes mom.”

Then he shut them. 




They had been in the diner an hour and Dean could feel his temper rising until finally he couldn’t take it any longer. He was still feeling like crap since the dizzy spell at the warehouse, had tried to hide it, but Sam was still staring at him, watching him for any sign that all wasn’t right and Dean had absolutely had enough. He looked up from his plate and glowered at his brother, he voice too loud when he spoke.

“Dude, stop staring at me like I’m gonna drop dead in front of you. She was a witch Sammy, she was about to die, and whatever she said, which”…..he pointed his fork at himself…… “I presume had something to do with me, she was messing with your head and it’s worked. You’re freaking me out with the death stare ok; just eat your freakin’ dinner.”

Dean threw his fork onto his plate causing several of the diner’s occupants to look his way. “What?” He almost shouted it at them and they turned back hiding themselves in the task of eating. He strained to stop himself from putting his hand to his head. 


“Well I hate being stared at when I’m eating ok Sam. Hate it.” Dean threw the napkin on top of the plate and stood. 

“Where are you going?” Sam went to stand too but Dean pushed him back into the seat. 

“Need to hit the head Sammy and don’t even think about following me.”  

Sam’s phone rang as Dean pushed his way into the bathroom. 

“Dad, hey did you get everything cleaned?” Sam watched the door swing shut behind his brother and then turned his full attention to the call. 

“Almost, how’s Dean?” 

“Dean’s fine.”

He gave his father the answer that he knew he’d want to hear, not the one that was circling his head. A witch told me he’s gonna die but apart from that…. 

“I’ve got another job for you both before you call it a night.” 

Sam couldn’t keep the groan in. 

“Something wrong?” John voice had that tone in it that Sam hated. The ‘are we going to get into it again’ tone. He couldn’t resist, he had to push the buttons. 

“Yeah, something is wrong dad, Dean’s tired………I’m tired.” He refrained from adding the ‘of taking your orders’ that was hanging off the end of his tongue, begging for air. 

“Tough. I need you to check on a house a few blocks from the motel. I was talking to Bobby, seems there maybe a poltergeist there. I just want you both to go look alright. Not too much to ask?” John was tired himself and he could feel his annoyance at Sam rising, Dean would just have gone and looked for him, so why the hell couldn’t his brother just do as he was asked, just once without any backchat? 

Sam bit back the ‘yeah it is’ and looked up as his brother slipped back into the booth.

Dean mouthed ‘Dad?’ at him and Sam nodded. He noticed that Dean’s face had a look of the greyness about it again that he’d had at the warehouse. He threw his brother a concerned look.  

“I’m fine. Stop staring. Stop asking. Give me the damn phone.” Dean lent over and ripped the phone from Sam’s grip.  

Sam watched as he took the napkin and fished for a pen, dutifully noting down the address. “Don’t worry dad, we’ll just give it the once over…..yeah I’m fine……ok see you then, bye.” He closed the phone, threw it at Sam, and fished for his wallet in his pocket. “Let’s go.” He threw the money on the table and watched as Sam didn’t move. 

“What?” He sighed and pulled his brother to his feet. “Can’t you talk to dad for five minutes without getting that pissed look on your face?”

Dean could feel his head start to pound and his mouth go dry as he stared into his brother’s angry face. He managed to get out the door before Sam spun him round. 

“Can’t you talk to dad for five minutes without jumping to attention and then trotting off like a dog to do what ever he asks us to without question?”

He wasn’t angry at his brother, it was his dad, but John wasn’t here to shout at at the moment so he took it out on the only other person he could. 

“Sam we’re hunters”…..he held up the piece of napkin to his brother’s face…… “dad has asked us to go check out a possible hunt and that is what we’re going to do. Ok?” 

“No. I’m not going. I’m sick of it.” 

“Get in the car.” Dean dropped his head onto his chest and breathed deeply. 

“No. I’m going back to the motel. I’m not going to check out this house.” Sam stared at his brother defiantly, his anger stepping up a notch. 

“Get in the friggin’ car Sam. Now.” Dean could feel his world start to shake; he turned and steadied himself on the Impala.  

“No.” Sam crossed his arms and stood his ground. Stood his ground that was until Dean started to slide down the side of the car. 

“Dean!” Sam rounded the car and gathered his brother into his arms, listening to him gasping for air; his hand gripping his head. Sam tilted Dean’s head back, opening his airway to make it easier for him to get air into his lungs. The awful grey colour from before had changed to completely bleached out white and beads of sweat were appearing on Dean’s face.

“It’s ok, I’ve got you Dean, just breathe for me ok? Slowly, that’s it.”

Dean’s breath evened out slightly and then he felt his brother lurch in his arms. Knowing what that signalled Sam quickly lifted Dean’s head and rolled him to the side just as his brother threw up everything that he’d just eaten. Sam held him until the retching stopped and then gently propped him up again the car, checking his eyes and his pulse.

Dean’s heart was racing.

“What’s up Dean, tell me?” 

“Don’t….know……pain in……my head. Need to…..need to……. lie down Sammy. Just for a minute.” Dean dropped his head on his chest and passed out. 

“Shit.” Sam lifted Dean’s head and tried to get him to come round. “Dean?…….. Dean?…….. Please don’t do this. You’re scaring the shit out of me man, please. Dean, I need you to wake up.” He gently slapped his brother’s face and was rewarded with a slight groan.

He looked up and realised that they had attracted an audience.

The waitress from the diner was standing behind him. “Is he ok sweetheart? Do you want to bring him back inside?” 

“No, no thanks, I’ll just get him home, he wasn’t feeling well earlier. I’m sorry about the mess.”  

“Hell nothing that a bucket of water won’t clear. Joe!” She called for the waiter and Sam watched as she spoke to him and he stepped forward. “I’ll help you get him in the car.” He put one arm under Dean’s shoulder and waited until Sam took the other. 

“Thanks.” Sam pulled open the back door and gently they slide Dean across the back seat. Sam shrugged off his jacket and placed it under Dean’s head and then thanked Joe for his help.  

Getting into the car, he headed for the motel and his father.    



Chapter end notes:
Hope you liked the start!

Mary xx

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