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Lip Gloss by windscryer

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Story notes:
No freakin' clue where this came from. Found it on my hard drive and thought I'd share. :D
Chapter notes:
Disclaimer: If this is any indication it's probably a very good thing they're not mine.

This is torture.

This cannot possibly be legal. Where's a copy of the Geneva convention rules when you need them?

He doesn't know who these rugrats belong to, but they need to be corralled.

And he needs to be released from these damn restraints. He'll stop sticking things down his cast to try and scratch, he swears.

He just needs to be free.

He bucks, trying to throw his tormentors—who just giggle.

Where is the doctor? Where is Sam?

Dammit he is so kicking his brother's ass for this.

Then Sam returns and his first response is so not what Dean wanted to hear.

“Huh. I think pink might be your color.”

Chapter end notes:
Review plz&thx.

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