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Five by Five by Medieval Liz

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Story notes:

From the start of the show, I’ve always felt a similarity to Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I’ve wanted to see that explored. The only catch, the two worlds are hard to merge. Their supernatural Mythos are very, very different. But, I’m going to give it a try and hopefully I’ve explained certain aspects well.

Warnings: There will be violence, though hopefully not too gratuitous; later on there may be some sex – this is Dean Winchester I’m dealing with here after all; A couple characters will use some mild profanity.

Chapter notes:

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Why did these things have to be so damn fast?

He had lost Sam a while ago; at least Dean thought he had. He couldn’t hear the echo of Sam’s pounding feet behind him anymore and he was too focussed on keeping the bloodsucker in his sights to take a look.

They’d been tracking the thing for days, ever since Springfield, Ohio. They’d picked up the trail of the vampire pack while investigating several unexplained deaths. By the time they’d got there, the thing had already moved on.

They’d followed them to Springfield, Indiana.

And then to Springfield Illinois.

Yea, there was a definite pattern.

They actually lost them in Illinois. In a city of more than a hundred thousand people, it really was inevitable. But there are only so many ‘Springfields’ in the Midwest. By the first death in Nebraska, Sam and Dean had already been on the road.

It didn’t take long to figure out who was doing the killing. There weren’t too many visitors in the small town of 1500 people.

The monsters had attacked a family in their farmhouse about a mile to the southwest of town. The Winchesters had burst onto the scene with their usual dramatic flair – Dean successfully getting tossed through the bay window for his efforts – and the battle was on.

The family got out, in the end, and three of the four creatures were dispatched relatively quickly with just a few swipes of the boys’ machetes.

Now Dean was chasing the last one through the farm’s fields. He had been running after the thing for nearly ten minutes.

And damn it, he was getting tired!

Ahead of him, the vampire leapt over a barbed wire fence with inhuman agility. Only a few steps behind, Dean planted his hand on one of the posts and proceeded to vault himself over. Unfortunately for him, his weary muscles had other ideas.

He didn’t quite get his feet over the top wire, and he soon found himself tumbling into the freshly tilled soil. He landed a little too solidly on his back, driving the breath from his lungs. The machete he’d been carrying slid from his hand and disappeared in the dark.

The vampire he’d been chasing stopped his retreat and casually walked back to where Dean lay trying to catch his breath. The hunted looked down at the hunter and laughed. “So you’re one of the infamous Winchester brothers. Funny, I thought you’d be scarier. “

“You seemed pretty scared a minute ago,” Dean groaned, slowly moving his hand toward the ivory grip of the gun tucked into the small of his back, “Running away with your tail between your legs n’ all.”

Sensing the movement, the vampire stomped on his wrist and pressed it viciously into the ground. Dean shouted in pain – and annoyance at himself – as he felt the bones snap beneath the heavy boot.

“Situation’s changed.”

It was on him quicker than Dean could register. Leg’s straddling his waist, arms pinning his shoulders, he was in no position to put up much of a fight as he watched the vampire’s teeth descend over its human ones. It hissed in anticipation as it lowered its head toward his neck.

Tips of fangs scratched at the skin over his carotid artery.

And then the weight holding him down was gone.

A shadow had flung itself over the fence and tackled the vampire off its intended snack and, for the millionth time in his life, Dean thanked Sammy for his impeccable timing.

Gingerly lifting himself up onto an elbow, and watched the two rolling in the dirt. He was just about to get to his feet when he heard someone else’s running approach and a frantic exclamation. “Dean!”

The elder hunter’s head snapped around to see his brother slowing down enough get a proper purchase on the fence and jump over. Sam landed next to him and instantly knelt to check him for any injuries.

If Sam was here, who was fighting the Vampire?

Both Winchesters looked toward the battle.

The vampire had easily been as big as Sam, standing several inches over six feet, and towered over the newcomer to the scene. Lithe, slender, unequivocally female, and nearly a full foot smaller than her opponent, the petite woman was kicking some serious ass!

“What the hell, Sammy?”

Sam just shook his head, watching the one sided fight with a surreal curiosity. “I don’t know. I was running after you and then she just ran past me like I was standing still!”

Shoulder length hair bounced on bare shoulders as the girl drew back her arm, her hand gripping some sort of weapon that neither hunter’s could determine in the dark. The weapon was plunged into the vampire’s chest, and as the woman took a step back from the staggering vamp, comprehension came to Dean.

“Well, shit!” She exclaimed, amusement in her voice. She glanced at the brothers. “He’s one of yours.”

The creature was growling menacingly as he pulled the stake from the oozing wound over his heart, but the woman seemed unfazed. She hurried over to the brothers and reached for the weapon in Sam’s hand. “Mind if I borrow this?”

Without an answer, she easily took the machete from the younger man’s hand and turned back to the vampire that was leaping at her with an enraged snarl. She didn’t even blink. With a lazy swing she brought the sword around and down.

The head separated from the body, splattering the three of them with blood, and a second later it was rolling across the dirt.

The vampire was dead.

And she wasn’t even breathing hard.

Sam was staring at her with his mouth agape like a dead fish as she casually handed the bloodied weapon back to its owner.

Dean couldn't blame him. Even covered head to toe in blood and dirt, she was stunning.

Dark hair, dark haunting eyes, alabaster skin, and a body… well, the leather halter and slender jeans she was wearing were definitely showing all the right curves in all the right ways. Not to mention revealing the lone freckle that sat provocatively on the exposed skin of her left breast. And her smile – a smile that had undoubtedly been the undoing of many a strong man, and probably a few women as well.

No one moved, not for several seconds, until she found her voice first.

“Hi, Dean.”


Chapter end notes:

A/N II: Well, there it is. I've got several more chapters in my head for this one, so if you're interested please post a review. They help with the writing process as my muse is greedy and only works for lots of reviews. --wink--

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