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My Fall Will Be For You by Jenn1984 T

I hear my name but can’t react, so I just watch as the beast raises...

Bean Stalker by Ophium T
Chuck’s books mustered a good number of fans. One of them turned out to...
Dangerous Assumptions by windscryer T

Dean is not having a good day and Sam's whole year is about to get worse...

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See our Submission Rules.

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The staff is called Damage Control and can be found and contacted HERE.

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Why isn't Wincest or slash allowed?

DeanDamage is not a homophobic site and welcomes homosexual original characters, so long as no actual characters from the show are slashed with other characters or original characters. Supernatural wincest and slash can be found easily enough by way of a Google search, so there are other sites where you can find your slash for this TV show. DeanDamage simply chooses to be a site without that particular fanfic category.