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Reviews For The Apothecary

Name: D (Anonymous) · Date: May 18, 2017 02:14 pm · For: Chapter 1

Name: ilaria (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2009 03:22 pm · For: Chapter 1
wow,what a start-please update soon!this story sounds awesome

Author's Response:

Oh thank you so much! More coming very soon!

Hugs, Muffy

Name: RoweenaC (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2009 01:08 pm · For: Chapter 1

Hey Muffy. Man, how I love that book of yours! And now you have gone and written a crossover?! This is like Christmas! A dream come true. While I was reading about the Emrys' brothers I kept thinking about how both Winchesters and Emrys' would interact! You rock... and frankly, I think you read my mind! You psychic or something??

I gotta tell ya I am so in love with Galen and have been a Dean-girl ever since I've started watching the show. To be able to drool over both of 'em is just unnaturally awesome. The slight differences between both characters are very obvious when they are in the same room. However, the shared qualities (big brothers, caring, protective, handsome.... want me to go on?) are even more pronounced now that they are so close to each other. Hell, I thank you so much for inventing the Emrys brothers and have them meet the Winchesters! And I so owe Bev and Jane for the book! Thank you for signing it, hun! Such a treat.

Now, on to my quoting routine:

he’s in and out. I’m not sure he can see anymore.” “He hasn’t mentioned it. It’s just a guess”...      Oh dear, that is so like Dean to try and hide his pain and injuries as long as possible. And is so very like Sam to pierce through the wall of bravado or indifference and see what's really going on! Awesome. I love me an injured Dean, but injured and disabled is far better, heh. Call me a sick puppy!

vomiting, dark blood splattering the wet pavement. …     OUCH! Dark blood is never a good sign, is it? Even if it isn't a supernatural being that causes it. And vomiting blood is bad too. So, if combined they sure mean impending death. *shivers and trembles* Hope gentle Galen will be able to help him.

Stay away,” Sam said, standing between Rob and the man in the car. Suspicion had darkened Sam’s face.        Aw. Over-protective and panicky Sam. Tall sentinel towering over the Emrys brothers, ready to punch them. A wall of Sam protecting Dean from possible threats. It is as much a heartbreaking view as it is really dangerous. He would fight to death if Rob and Galen would dare to hurt Dean even more. Very good. I am a bit sad that Rob and Sam don't seem to like each other too much. Maybe they are both too alike in their stubbornness and geekiness. Will they become at least accustomed? I'd love to see them gang up on their big bros to pull some pranks or quipping banters...

a convulsion ripped through his body.         Geez, that so isn't healthy. He is quickly deteriorating, isn't he? Wait, lemme get my drool bucket up and running... Heh. SO love a totally hurt Dean.

frowning at Galen. He looked like he was ready to take a swing.         See above mentioned! He would take a swing! Careful Galen, wouldn't wanna add to those scars! On second thought, Oh Hell yeah! Let's do that! Chicks (like me) dig scars! Ask Dean! That is if he is still conscious enough to agree...

Okay,” Dean said. “Dean? Are you sure?” Sam asked quietly. “I’m okay, Sam.” I’m lying Sam. “Yeah, I know.”     Aw.      Not good if Dean repeats OK one too many times. And how touching and sad when he thinks “I'm lying”. Well, he certainly is. That is so Dean. But the Winchesters have their own bond which makes them feel/know what the other is really going through, don't they. Not as magical as with Rob and Galen. But sweet and very, very touching. And the way Sam seems to buy the lie yet at the same time answering the unspoken honest account of Dean's state. Love this! Very skilled writing. So few words with many, many layers. Wish I could do that. I am very long-winded... as you probably already noticed judging from the length of this drool induced review.

He offered a hand to Sam, the other man brushed aside the offer of help          Geez, Sam! Let them help! Give the Healer a chance, dammit! Don't be an ass! For once, open up... uh, I can't believe I just wrote that! Sammy Mr caring-and-sharing clamming up and refraining to share. Well, it is one of their biggest family rules to shut up about their lives when they talk to strangers. But surely, Sammy must feel the goodness in the Emrys' hearts. On the other hand, he is so panic-stricken he might not! Aw, I hurt for Sam as much as for poor dying Dean...

"It’s bad.” “Very bad.”      Oh, so not good if Dean admits he is in pain. SO NOT GOOD.

Oooh, I already like this story so much! Please update soon. Oh um, when is the next volume of the custodes noctis due? Can't wait! Oh yeah, and make Dean suffer a little more, please... oh and Galen! Heh. Pervert, I know.

Hugs ya, Ilka


Author's Response:

Oh thank you so much Ilka! I adore your reviews. Makes me want to poke you until you review everything I've ever written! Thank you so much!

Huge hug, Muffy

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