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I challenge you to write an animal-transformation fic. 

Dean is cursed (or something similar) and gets turned into an animal, any type, I don't mind. Preferably he's changed permanently or for a long time, but see where it takes you.

It would be great to see one where John is there too, but I'm not that bothered. Possibly focussing on how they manage to keep hunting with Dean as an animal? 

 Looking forward to all of your stories!

Categories: AU, Pre-season, Season, Post-season, Short Characters: Dean

Write a story in which the brothers deal with a haunted dentist's office, and somewhere along the way the ghost gets to Dean and drugs him out somehow, making Sam rescue him.

I like season 1 the best, but I'm not awfully picky so whatever floats your boat, honestly.

Look forward to reading whatever you come up with! 

Categories: None Characters: Dean

Well, three guys in a family is never good, not to mention the Winchester Family.

As you know, Dean had always been sandwitch between John and Sam. Dean finally got enough of both of them. And walk out of the motel they are currently staying in. (In the middle of a hunt.)

Not before saying, " Look, I've enough of you guys fucking trying to kill each other! If you guys were to fucking die on me, I'll have to be the fucking one, salting and burning you guys down to nothing!" Dean opens the door and continued, " In that case, I would rather be the one you guys fucking salt and burn!" and bangs the door shut.

After which Dean went missing. Being kinapped by the things that they are suppose to hunt. Will Dean get his words?

Set at either AU or somewhere in Season One.

I challenge you to write this fic! Pretty pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! XD

Thanks in advance!

Categories: Season, AU Characters: Dean, John, Sam