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Dean's fear of flying isn't your typical run of the mill discomfort. Where did this fear come from?

Write a fic that explores Dean's fear of flying. It could anything from an accident on a hang glider, zip line or hot air balloon to an actual plane crash.

Sammy either can't be there when the injury occurs (since he doesn't know about the fear) or is too young to remember the incident.

Since Dean states in Phantom Traveller "Quit treating me like I'm four" Kudos if the event occurs when Dean IS four as I'm convinced that's when his fear initiated. But feel free to make it start at any age.

Categories: Pre-season Characters: Dean
Summary: So, (**SWAP MEAT SPOILERS**) when daemon Nora is kicking Dean in the stomach, after a couple of kicks he's suddenly got blood in his mouth which (scared the SNOT out of me when I first saw it and still freaks me out) smacks of internal damage. He was clearly in a lot of pain during the exorcism, too. She was kicking too low for it to be ribs/lungs, so what internal organ(s) did she damage, how/why did he manage to hide it until the end of the ep and how does Sam figure it out?

Please no death, no permanent disability. Please someone help me fix my brain. :-)
Categories: Season Characters: Dean, Sam