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Summary: Dean was definitely his father's son, and listened to his every word, regardless of whatever it may have implicated. Maybe it was guilt after the shtriga got to Sammy because he'd wanted to play a video game...

Sammy wonders why Dean never questions what his father tells them to do... It's gotten him hurt so many times before... Maybe that was just because Sammy didn't remember that night.

Either way, I challenge you to tell me a story, of a time (bonus marks for multiple times) where listening to Daddy Dearest got Dean in a whole lick of trouble... And I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Dean, John, Sam


It's been done before, I know. But it's fun :D

Ice, snow or water - there's many ways to get really cold. I challenge you to write me a story where exactly that happens to Dean. Lock him in a freezer, drop him in icy water, go overboard with it. Just give me hypothermia stories with lots and loads of freezing Dean and worried Sam.

Thanks in advance ;-)

Categories: Season Characters: Dean, Sam