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The Impala. A sycamore tree. Dean in between.

You guess where this is going. I challenge you to have Dean crash the Impala (for reasons up to your choosing) against a sycamore tree (yes, it has to be a sycamore tree).

No Sammy in sight, Dean is trapped but still conscious. That's the scenario.

And I think since this is hurting both Dean and the Metallicar, if you write this story we all get two whumps for the price of one.

Categories: Season Characters: Dean, Metallicar, Sam

If you're a hunter like Sam and Dean, digging up graves is in the job description. Getting buried in one however, that's a new experience even for them. Especially since whoever buried Dean didn't particularly care about the fact that he didn't fulfil the number 1 requirement for burial - being dead.

I want you to write me the story of how Dean ends up six feet under, buried alive. It's dark, it's confined, and his air won't last for very long. The only thing he has is a lighter and - his gun.

His only hope is Sam, outside, frantically searching for his brother - hoping to find him before his air runs out.

And now go, write me that story ;-)

Categories: Season Characters: Dean, Sam