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I hear my name but can’t react, so I just watch as the beast raises...

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Chuck’s books mustered a good number of fans. One of them turned out to...
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Dean is not having a good day and Sam's whole year is about to get worse...

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Write a story in which Dean is used as bait to attract and/or capture a supernatural beasty.  It could be a last resort, or most efficient way- anything you can think of!

I dig pre-series (not too early) and stuff with John, but everyone who writes here rocks so hard, your ideas are better than mine.

 Can't wait to read it!

Categories: Season, Pre-season Characters: Dean, John, Sam

Nearly everybody has their weak spot. A stray pollen here, the wrong food there, and things go down the drain pretty quickly.

I challenge you to write a Dean whump story about allergies!

Take the concept of an anaphylactic shock and work with it - I don't have any closer specifications. It can be a pollen or something natural, the wrong food, an allergy to some creature's poison, to medication, just let Dean's body betray him and make Sam worry about him, that's all I ask.

You know you want to write it.

Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Dean, Sam

write a story for dean of sam or bobby to be turned into any animal

no death fics

Categories: None Characters: None