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Write a story in which Dean is used as bait to attract and/or capture a supernatural beasty.  It could be a last resort, or most efficient way- anything you can think of!

I dig pre-series (not too early) and stuff with John, but everyone who writes here rocks so hard, your ideas are better than mine.

 Can't wait to read it!

Categories: Season, Pre-season Characters: Dean, John, Sam

Nearly everybody has their weak spot. A stray pollen here, the wrong food there, and things go down the drain pretty quickly.

I challenge you to write a Dean whump story about allergies!

Take the concept of an anaphylactic shock and work with it - I don't have any closer specifications. It can be a pollen or something natural, the wrong food, an allergy to some creature's poison, to medication, just let Dean's body betray him and make Sam worry about him, that's all I ask.

You know you want to write it.

Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Dean, Sam
Summary: Dean was definitely his father's son, and listened to his every word, regardless of whatever it may have implicated. Maybe it was guilt after the shtriga got to Sammy because he'd wanted to play a video game...

Sammy wonders why Dean never questions what his father tells them to do... It's gotten him hurt so many times before... Maybe that was just because Sammy didn't remember that night.

Either way, I challenge you to tell me a story, of a time (bonus marks for multiple times) where listening to Daddy Dearest got Dean in a whole lick of trouble... And I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Dean, John, Sam

Hunting is a dangerous gig.  You're bound to get injured.

 My challenge is to write a story about the first time Dean is injured on a hunt,  How do John and Sam deal with it?


Categories: Pre-season Characters: Dean, John, Sam

Dean's fear of flying isn't your typical run of the mill discomfort. Where did this fear come from?

Write a fic that explores Dean's fear of flying. It could anything from an accident on a hang glider, zip line or hot air balloon to an actual plane crash.

Sammy either can't be there when the injury occurs (since he doesn't know about the fear) or is too young to remember the incident.

Since Dean states in Phantom Traveller "Quit treating me like I'm four" Kudos if the event occurs when Dean IS four as I'm convinced that's when his fear initiated. But feel free to make it start at any age.

Categories: Pre-season Characters: Dean

I challenge you to write an animal-transformation fic. 

Dean is cursed (or something similar) and gets turned into an animal, any type, I don't mind. Preferably he's changed permanently or for a long time, but see where it takes you.

It would be great to see one where John is there too, but I'm not that bothered. Possibly focussing on how they manage to keep hunting with Dean as an animal? 

 Looking forward to all of your stories!

Categories: AU, Pre-season, Season, Post-season, Short Characters: Dean